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We are  Parambarai Aarya Siddha Varma Vaithiyam
Siddha & Ayurveda

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It is difficult to trace the beginning of this ancient system. It began with man and may end with him. Instead of giving the name of any of individual as the founder of this system our ancestors wisely attributed its origin to the creator. According to the tradit it was Shiva who unfolded the knowledge of Siddha system of medicine to his concert Parvati who handed it down to Nandhidevar and he in turn to the 18 siddhars.

Agasthiyar is the prominent one among the eighteen and some of his works are still standard books of medicine and surgery in daily use among the Siddha Medical practitioners.

AARYA RAJA VAITHIYAM, Legacy medicine practitioner in Varma and Ayurveda massage therapies is a founder of Tamil Siddha ayurveda Varma clinic.Traditional Medicine Practitioner learn the methods and treatments from his grandparents.